The IB MYP is a rigorous training program that hones students into well – developed personalities while simultaneously preparing students for the upcoming IBDP. Students are expected to choose from eight subject groups, with a varying number of subjects and interdisciplinary concepts bring introduced.

The program leads up to a Personal Project in Year 5 (Grade 10) where students are expected to identify their academic interests and formulate a detailed Personal Project which prepares them for the relatively rigorous IBDP.

A detailed description of the program is available on the IBO Website:

In addition to the curriculum, we also help students explore and understand their academic interests, especially in the crucial years leading up to the IBDP. Subject choice makes a large impact on the availability of college course in the future, meaning that students need at the very least a foggy idea of where they wish to be in terms of their career.

We believe that it is instrumental for the success of students to believe that they are truly in control of their decisions. We take it upon ourselves to help students to identify and make the right decisions to reach their goals. We use a light-hearted approach to make sure the studentsare well-informed, yet not too burdened by the decision. One sample that takes on a similar approach: