Junior Learning& Development

We at Holistic Learning clearly understand the importance of Junior Learning and Child Development. In line with the requirement of today’s children, while understanding the quick changing pace, that they need to keep up with, we have developed a carefully curated curriculum with a very scientific mix of academics, cognitive skills and extracurricular activities to channelise a child’s energies in a constructive direction.

It is extremely important to understand and address the 4 Cognitive Stages for Child Development, while keeping the following in mind:

  • It’s extremely important to understand what children are capable at various stages in their individual development?
  • How they develop their intellectual skills to interact and react to their respective environment?
  • How and at what stage do these cognitive Abilities Develop and in what order?

The above were some of the questions addressed by the French Psychologist Jean Piaget in 1952, through his absolutely Ground Breaking theory on Cognitive development in children.

Piaget initiated his research based on a simple interest in how children react to their respective environments. His observations completely countered the then thinking that said that children possess no cognition until they are of age to learn to speak and has in fact become the most credible and influential theory of Cognitive Development in children.

The four stages of Cognitive Child Development, identified by Piaget are as given below:

  1. Sensorimotor Stage: Applicable from Birth running through the age of 2 years, during this stage children learn through their senses and their reaction to the various objects they come in contact with.
  2. Preoperational Stage: At this stage children develop their memory and imagination. They also learn to symbolically understand things and understand things and ideas of the past and future.
  3. Concrete Operational Stage : At this stage children become aware of events and feelings that are particularly not their own. They learn to become less egocentric and learn to accept that everyone is not obliged to necessarily agree with their thoughts, belief and feelings.
  4. Formal Operational Stage: A child experiences this stage of Cognitive Development from the age of 11 years onwards, at this stage the child is able to understand the use of logic to solve problems and to plan for his future.

The Junior Learning Program, while keeping the Cognitive Development of your child, in addition to the overall development of your child has been developed through a series proprietary techniques and processes to ensure a HOLISTIC Overall Development oif the children in our academic care.

Should you want your child to benefit from our Junior Learning & Development Packages, we would sincerely advise you to schedule a discussion/ counselling session, wherein you may decide the future course of your child’s overall development. We are completely at your service!