As a last stage, students must typically go through an online interview with university faculty. This stage is typically used to gauge confidence levels and overall personality of students over and above everything that has already been included in the application itself.

At this stage, it is crucial for students to come across as confident and well-groomed aspirants. We pay close attention to what is being judged and help students achieve these levels.

We give students the advice necessary to be and come across as well – groomed, knowledgeable and expressive students who will prove to be an asset to their institution during the term of their studies, and bring honor to the institution after.

Where necessary, this is done through grooming activities and language training to go over basic grammatical errors or potential personality ticks that may need correction. Typically, this does not require much more than simple identification, but we ensure that students are projected at their level best when presenting themselves to universities they wish to attend.