Various levels of research go into hiring and suggesting the best of universities that we believe would suit the needs of prospective students. Once students have determined their choice(s) of course, we help them determine the location best suited for the ideal academic growth and targeted personality development.

These destinations are also largely dependent on the student’s personality and whether or not they would like to study abroad. Based on the student’s final decision, we have a range of options ranging across Europe and domestically.

Following a targeted analysis, we prepare a list of institutions and prospective courses which would be the best fit for the students’ needs. The list is of course non – exhaustive and takes into account the best interests and any additional inputs of the students.

Once institutions and courses have been identified, we take it upon ourselves to present the students’ application to the institution of choice in the best possible way to maximize the chances of successful admission.

In addition to the application itself, we also help students be better prepared for potential subject specific tests and personal interviews which are a significant step in the actual admission process.